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Level up with Tailwind CSS

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Take your game to the next level

Level up with Tailwind CSS is your journey into mastering Tailwind CSS. We'll start from the basics, moving on to the unique stuff Tailwind offers. We'll explore how you can play around with its features, adjust it to suit your needs, and even add your own bits to it. We'll also dive into the world of creativity Tailwind opens up, explore some useful plugins and extensions and component libraries out there.

With in-depth insights into advanced concepts, tips and tricks, this book will enable you to work faster and with more skill. This also includes multiple real-world examples that you've always wanted to see in Tailwind CSS.

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Who is this product for?

If you love Tailwind CSS, you already know how it makes you work faster. Basics of this framework are very easy to pick up. But there are some advanced concepts, hidden tips and workflows that need effort to dig into and learn. If you're someone who wants to learn all of those and start using them in your projects without too much time and effort, this one is for you!

Who am I and why buy from me?

I am Shruti Balasa, a full stack web developer and tech educator. My Youtube Channel - Thirus has 30 tutorials related to Tailwind CSS loved by all the viewers. Check out any of those videos and you'll not have second thoughts :)

eBook only

This will give you access to the complete eBook along with the sample codes and demo links.

eBook + Video course

This will give you access to everything along with high quality videos for faster and better learning. Who doesn't love videos?

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Level up with Tailwind CSS

24 ratings
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